At Watford Car Care we can take care of your vehicles braking needs – from brake pad replacement through to ABS problems, if you have a problem with your brakes don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Braking problems?
Braking problems?

Here's some common problems that might help you identify what's wrong with your brakes...


Brake pad warning light on  this is indicating that your brake pads need replacing.


Grinding – this normally happens when the brake pads are completely worn out with the metal backing coming in to contact with the brake discs.


Pulsating through the pedal – this pulsating sensation is usually a sign that your brake discs are warped due to excessive heat. Commonly caused by a sticking brake calliper.


Pulling to one side when braking – usually a sign of a seized or sticking calliper or a fault with the hydraulics system.


Soft brake pedal – when your brake pedal feels soft and brakes unresponsively this is usually a sign of air in the hydraulic circuit or brake fluid leaks.

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